Hollywood Glamour

I admit it, I usually watch award shows just to see the dresses.


The red carpet is the best part of the evening, without a doubt.  How often do you get to admire sparkling ballgowns and long, glamourous dresses?  But tonight, I watched the Emmys to cheer on some of my favourite shows.  I was extremely gratified to see that Peter Dinklage won Supporting Drama Actor for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones (my new favourite show), and the hilarious Jim Parsons won his second Outstanding Lead Actor in A Comedy Series for Big Bang Theory.  Despite hoping that Johnny Galecki (Leonard) would have a turn at the Emmy podium, I’m still proud of Sheldon.  Can’t wait for the new season to start this week!


There’s been a lot of amused comments about Peter Dinklage acknowledging his dog and dog sitter in his speech.  We often forget that celebrities are real people with real lives.  Sure, a lot of them do crazy stuff, but so do most of the engineering students I know!  I love to read about celebrity success stories, where a “normal,” everyday person is recognized for their talent and catapulted in stardom.  In the spirit of the evening, I’d like to acknowledge two high school colleagues who have gone on to achieve their own stardom.


I encountered both of these ladies through musical theatre, though neither were in my grade.  Both were extremely talented, and a delight to watch perform.


The first is Riza Santos, who was two grades above me.  As a grade ten student, I admired her as a beautiful, confident older student about to graduate into the real world.  Riza has now had a handful of acting jobs, but she is best known for winning Miss Earth Canada in 2006 and Miss World Canada 2011.  She’ll be representing us Canadians in Miss World 2011 in November.  Good luck, Riza!


The second is Julia Maxwell, who was a grade below me.  She first made a commotion in high school when she made it through the Canadian Idol auditions.  She had a big, beautiful voice, and her rendition of “Impossible” from Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was one of the best musical theatre performances that year.  Julia is now working as an actress, and she recently starred as the villan in the sixth season of Supernatural.  She’s also had roles in Charlie St. Cloud, Smallville and Heartland.  Very impressive, but she’s a talented woman who deserves her success.


I encourage you to check out the accomplishments of both these performers!  Good luck in the future ladies, I wish you all the best.



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